Terms and Conditions

The commercial operations of buyng and selling of the online store's website content at www.gioiellerialoffredo.com, are governed by the following conditions of sale, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 185/99 of Legislative Decree n ° 206/05 and Legislative Decree n ° 21/14, governing the contracts concluded at a distance, as well as the regulations in force in the Italian Republic.

1. Subjects:

D.Ä. Loffredo S.A.S. represented by Pietro Loffredo & C. having seat at Roma Street, 29-73024 Maglie (LE), VAT IT02666350752, N. REA 174590, acting as Supplier and hereinafter referred to as follow.

For Customer shall mean any entity which, by registering at the online store, is inserted into the database of customer management.

For Customer Consumer means a person who buys goods for purposes not related to his trade, business, craft or professional, or making a purchase does not indicate in the order form sent to the Supplier any reference to VAT.

To place orders on the website of the Supplier, the Customer must:

- Be eligible to enter into legally binding contracts;

- Have a valid e-mail address;

- Have a valid credit card for payment (Visa, Mastercard, Diners, American Express) or a Verified PayPal account.

For Manufacturer means the manufacturer of goods or of the product, or the importer of the goods into the territory of the European Union or any natural or legal person who presents himself as the manufacturer by identifying the good with his name, trade mark or other distinctive hallmark, commercialized by the Supplier.


2. Object of the service:

The Supplier has created and published the site www.gioiellerialoffredo.com with the aim of providing a service exclusively to its Customers.

The Supplier, through the online store www.gioiellerialoffredo.com, shall provides the Customer an electronic catalog of the products that can be purchased.

All items in the catalog are provided with electronic images and their characteristics, according to the press or extract from the explanatory material released by each manufacturer.

The Customer can view the entire electronic catalog made ​​available to him, but will make the purchases only after the registration at the online store.

By registering, the Customer unconditionally accepts the general terms and conditions of sale, as reported.

The Supplier reserves the right to ask Customers who does not accept or does not intend to comply with these terms and conditions, to abstain from the use of the site www.gioiellerialoffredo.com.

The object of the service of the contract are online transactions, that is the legal transaction concerning goods concluded between the Supplier and the Customer, under a system of distance sales organized by the Supplier which, for that contract, uses the technology of communication at a distance called "Internet".

All contracts, therefore, will be concluded through the direct access by the Customer to the corresponding website address www.gioiellerialoffredo.com, where, following the procedure, he will conclude the contract for the purchase of the goods.



Here follow the terms and conditions of sale which rule those purchase contracts.

These terms and conditions shall remain effective until changed by the Supplier.

The Supplier reserves the right to amend / revise the terms and conditions contained in this legal notice, by updating it without any requirement to give notice.

Any changes to the terms and conditions of sale will be effective from the time they are published on the website www.gioiellerialoffredo.com, and will refer to sales made from than on.

The images displayed on this site are for informational purposes only, as far as the Supplier undertakes to keep it constantly updated and comply with the goods for sale.

Many other information and details, even in respect of the products, can be requested by email at info@gioiellerialoffredo.com, or by phone at. +39 0836 420 369.


3. Prices of the goods:

All the selling prices of the products displayed on the website www.gioiellerialoffredo.com, which constitute a public offering pursuant to art. 1336 of the italian Civil Code, are inclusive of VAT and of all other taxes.

The prices of products displayed in the online catalog undergo changes depending on the type of user who, after access to the site, will visualize the prices of the goods in the following currencies: Euro, USA Dollar.

The following are the types of prices that can be displayed on the web site:

- Inclusive of VAT to non-registered users, and for registered private users and coming from countries of the Euro Zone.

- Not inclusive of VAT for registered private users and coming from Non-EU countries, and for Accounts of companies from the Euro Zone.

In the case of purchases made on the site from companies in the Euro Zone (holder of VAT), these will have to cater to perform the Reverse Change. The Supplier reserves the right not to process the order in case the Customer registered as a Company in the Euro zone, has a VAT number not included in the database of the VIES system. In this case, the Supplier will cancel the order and contact the Customer to carry out a new order, inclusive of VAT and payable to an individual person.

Prices are subject to changes without notice, based on current market quotations or any promotions going on in the online store of the Supplier.

The cost of transport is duly highlighted within the site and the Customer will take care to view it before confirming the purchase.

In the case of overseas delivery will be made ​​by the Customer any additional costs due to taxes or duties imposed by law in the State of destination.

The Customer can create an estimate cart that, in any way, guarantee the availability of the goods until the order is completed, intended as payment properly made ​​(Example: If during the process of buying a product with quantity = 1 by a customer called Customer 1, another user called Customer 2 will make the payment of the same product before the order was entered by the Customer 1, the availability of the object for the latter will inevitably less and the order can not be completed until the product in question is not available again.)

The purchase contract is concluded through the exact compilation and the consensus expressed by the consent given to the contract conditions and by the payment of the product agreed price, in the manner provided therein,




4. Orders and Payment:

The Customer may purchase the products listed in the electronic catalog (on the site www.gioiellerialoffredo.com) and in the quantities in stock.

Orders from the Client are executable prior registration or by communicating personal information (billing and shipping), which must be necessarily correspond to the truth.

Following the actual payment, if not explicitly required the commercial invoice before purchase, will be made available inside the area reserved for the customer a receipt in PDF format valid for all purposes of the law for the commercial guarantee of the good or the goods purchased.

The payment of the goods purchased through the electronic catalog must be made by the following methods:

- PayPal Account

- Payment by Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Diners, American Express) through PayPal secure servers

The Supplier reserves the right to refuse orders or to refuse the provision of services to anyone at any time.


5. Fulfilment of the contract and Delivery:

The Supplier will deliver to the Customer the products selected, ordered and purchased pursuant to the terms, conditions and in the manner set out in previous articles, by courier and / or forwarding agents.

In the absence of the consignee at the time of delivery will be left, by the courier or forwarding agent, a notice and the Customer must personally contact, as soon as possible, the courier or forwarding agent, in order to arrange the delivery.

The timing of delivery, which will never exceed, in any case, those provided by law (30 days from date of order), can change according to the carrier and /or to the forwarding agent.

Delivery times are in anyway related to the products in the store at the time of the order.

Delivery will be made by carriers in the road surface.

No responsibility can be attributed to the Supplier for late or non delivery due to force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances.

The Supplier, to make secure, fast and reliable deliveries to their Customers, chose the service offered by Boxes & Co. or, where not available, the Italian Post.

In case of delivery of precious, if permitted, will be required to choose a shipping service by CIT armed, as Securpol or Mail Boxes ETC

Delivery times are estimated at 1-5 working days for Italy and abroad since taking charge of the operator.

The Customer, if the delivery of the goods is essential for the conclusion of the contract, before proceding to make the order, is required to give notice to the Supplier, who will be free to decide whether or not to give effect to the contract.


6. Returns directives:

Pursuant to italian Legislative Decree No. 206/05 and Legislative Decree n ° 21/14 if the Customer is a Consumer (i.e. a person who buys goods for purposes not related to his trade, business, craft or profession) has the right to rescind the purchase contract for any reason, without explanation and without penalty, subject to the actual shipping costs related to order fulfillment and actually incurred by the Supplier, regardless of any discount policies applied by the latter.

This right is the right to return to the Supplier of the goods purchased and to result the refund to the Customer Consumer of the purchase price.

The right of withdrawal provides that the product is made ​​in compliance with the following conditions:

COMPLETE: The law applies to the product purchased in its entirety. It is therefore not possible to exercise the partial withdrawal of the product purchased (eg .: in case of purchase of a parure consisting of necklace, bracelet and earrings, you can not exercise the right of withdrawal only pon a part of the elements that compose it) ;

INTACT: the product must be made ​​in original packaging intact, then not used, but only manipulated in order to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning;

Finally, under current legislation, the right of withdrawal is not applicable to tailor-made products, products purchased with request of issuance of invoice or those whose price is dependent on fluctuations in the market that the Supplier is not in able to control (eg. jewelry, coins, precious stones, silverware, etc).

The Customer may exercise the right of withdrawal within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods by means of a written notice to be sent to DA Loffredo S.A.S. . represented by Pietro Loffredo & C., having seat at Via Roma 29 - 73024 Maglie (LE),.

Such notice may also be sent, within the same period, by e-mail at info@gioiellerialoffredo.com, or telegram, or fax to the number +39 0836 423069.

The communication of the right of withdrawal, duly signed, must include:

a) the identification data of the Customer;

b) order number for which you are exercising the right of withdrawal;

c) the intention to withdraw from the purchase contract;

d) details of the items for which the right of withdrawal is exercised;

e) a copy of the purchase document: the invoice or the receipt;

f) telephone number of the Customer.

Upon receipt of the notice of withdrawal the Supplier, promptly and without delay, shall inform the Customer confirmation of receipt of the exercise of the right of withdrawal.

After the communication by which it is exercised the right of withdrawal, the Customer, without delay and in any event within 14 days of such notice, shall deliver the goods object of the exercise of the right of withdrawal, by shipment, at its sole care and responsibility and incurring the costs of shipping to the following address: DA Loffredo S.A.S. represented by Loffredo Pietro & c. C. – Via Roma, 29-73024 - Maglie (LE), Italy, indicating on the cover of the envelope the words "goods made ​​to exercise the right of withdrawal of the order n ° ... (indication of order number).

In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the Customer  undertakes to conserve, preserve and return the products purchased in the state of origin for quality and quantity, including packaging and the original packaging must be intact and complete with every accessory kit (eg. enclosures, cases, manuals, warranties, any warranty certificates, etc.), as well as delivered by the Supplier.

It will not be possible, therefore, to exercise the right of withdrawal for the products which has been compromised by the Customer.

It is the responsibility of the Supplier to verify compliance with the above requirements of the goods for which it has been exercised his right of withdrawal by the Customer.

The return of the Customer's products not reflecting the conditions mentioned above or not actually purchased the electronic catalog of the Supplier, will be returned to the Consumer with the increase of the shipping costs.

The Supplier, on receipt of the goods subject of the right of withdrawal, verified the compliance of the requirements the same as before reported, will refund to the Customer the price paid for the goods, net of shipping costs actually incurred by the same Supplier, using the same method of payment used by the Customer for the initial transaction.

7. Goods Guarantees:

All products are covered by guarantee for defects, according to DL 2.24. To use theguarantee service, the Customer must keep the invoice or receipt, which will arrive to him along with the items ordered. The guarantee of 24 months under the DL 2.24 applies to products that present a lack of conformity, provided that the product is used correctly, in accordance with its intended use and as provided in any of the technical documentation.

This guarantee is reserved to the Customer.

In case of lack of conformity, the Supplier, without cost to the Customer, will arrange for the retrieval of conformity by repair / replacement of the good or reduction of the price, or to terminate the contract and the consequent return of the sums paid by the Customer.

If the defect does not result in a lack of conformity, in accordance with DL 2.24, the Customer will be charged for any costs of verification and restoration required by the Authorized Manufacturer or the Supplier, as well as transportation costs, if incurred by the Supplier.


8 Guarantees and licenses garanted by the Customer:

The Customer, assuming all responsibility, then relieving the Supplier from any kind of prejudice, guarantees that their data provided through registration to the online catalog of the Supplier and then by accepting the terms and conditions of sale described herein, are true and allow the identification of those who have entered.

It’s strictly forbidden for the Customer to enter false and /or invented and /or fantasy data, in the process registration required to provide him with the procedure for the execution of this contract and the subsequent communications.

The personal data and e-mail must be the only real data and not some of other person, or fantasy. It’s expressly forbidden to make double entries for a single person or enter data of third parties.

The Supplier reserves the right to prosecute any violation or abuse, and to protect the common consumers.

The Customer, at the time of registration, will endeavor to provide a valid e-mail address to register and than to enter the next access. The Customer is therefore solely responsible for the user ID and password on the login details, which must be kept in a secure place by the Customer.

The Customert agrees and undertakes, once the purchase process online, to print and to keep the present general conditions, which, however, has already seen and accepted as a necessary step to purchase, and agrees to print the specifics of the product being purchased, this in order to satisfy the conditions set by the current legislation.

The Customer is obliged to abide by the terms and conditions contained in this legal notice, periodically checking for updates, changes and corrections.

The Customer, by completing and confirming the special order form, authorizes the Supplier to transfer the data present in it to the Bank Institute owner of the service of payment chosen, among those available, authorizing the bank to debit the total purchase amount charged to the Customer and to credit the amount corresponding to the Supplier.

The whole procedure is done via secure connection directly connected to the Bank Institute owner of online payment service, to which the Supplier can not access.

9 Limitation of liability of the Supplier:

The Supplier publishes information on his website in order to provide a service to its Customers, but declines the responsibility for the possibility of any technical or factual inaccuracies and/or typographical errors for which is expected an immediate correction as a result of an alert,.

The Supplier publishes the technical data relating to the items on display in the online catalog, based on what has been provided for by the Manufacturer of the same.

The Supplier hereby disclaims any responsibility for the veracity of what is described for the items shown in the catalog, where it is no proven fault or gross negligence on his part.

The Supplier reserves the right to make corrections and changes to the site whenever necessary without prior notice.

The Supplier does not guarantee the compliance of the information published on its website to the laws laid down by the jurisdiction of the country of residence of the Customer.

The Supplier accepts no responsibility for any problems, damage or risks that the Customer may encounter while using the site.

The Supplier guarantees that the site www.gioiellerialoffredo.com is protected according to international standards for the Internet (Certificate SSL 256 bit).

The Supplier accepts no responsibility for any malfunctions related to disabling cookies in user browser.

The Supplier decline the responsibility for the possibility that, due to a particular configuration of the computer used by the customer or a malfunction, the colors of the products shown on the website could have differences compared to the original ones.

The Supplier does not assume any responsibility for problems caused to force majeure such as accidents, explosions, fires, strikes and /or lockouts, earthquakes, floods or other events, that could prevent, in whole or in part, to implement the agreed the contract.

The Supplier shall not be responsible for any damages, losses and costs incurred as a result of execution of contract, for the reasons mentioned above, having the Customer entitled to a refund of the price paid.

The Supplier shall not be responsible for any fraudulent or illegal use that may be made ​​by third parties, credit cards and other means of payment, upon payment for goods purchased.

The Supplier, in fact, at no time in the purchase procedure, is able to know the number of purchaiser's credit card which, by opening a secure connection, is passed directly to the Bank owner of the service.

The Supplier is unable to monitor the correct and lawful origin of the security that comes from the Customer upon receipt of the goods.

10. Contract termination and termination clause:

The Supplier may terminate the contract by giving notice to the Customer with adequate and justified reasons.

In this case the Customer will be entitled to a refund of the amount already paid.

The obligations assumed by the Customer under article 8 (Warranties and licenses granted by the customer), as well as the security for the payment to the Customer using the payment methods provided by the terms and conditions of this legal notice, are essential, so that by express agreement, the failure by the Customer of one of these obligations will lead to termination of the contract pursuant to Art. 1456, without any judicial decision, without prejudice to the right of the Supplier to sue for compensation for damage and possible.

11. Communications:

The Customer agrees that the communications taken from the Supplier are done by e-mail or by other electronic means to the addresses provided by the Customer during the registration.

By signing, the Customer also agrees to be contacted by telephone by the staff appointed by the Supplier.

12. Conferment and processing of personal data:

Loffredo S.A.S. seated in Via Roma, 29 -73024 Maglie (LE), as creator and promoter of the activities available on the site www.gioiellerialoffredo.com, reserves the right to use personal data, voluntarily provided by Customers, in compliance with current regulations (Articles 13 et seq. D. Lgs. 196/2003), as owner and manager of the processing of personal data.

Customers are therefore advised to visit periodically this section and the one relating to the Privacy Policy to keep abreast of changes related to changes in current legislation.

Personal data is collected for the purpose of registering the Customer and for provide for him the procedures for the execution of this contract and the necessary communications.

The Supplier guarantees Users that their personal data will be reserved for use strictly connected to the performance of its services, facilitation of site management and execution of orders.

The personal data voluntarily provided by Customers, in any case will not be disclosed to third parties, they will be treated electronically in compliance with laws and can be produced only at the express request of the judicial authority or other authority authorized by law.

In case of payment by credit card, the basic information for the execution of the transaction (credit card number, expiration date, security code) will be sent to the bank owner and operator of online payment service , or will be sent to a company responsible for monitoring fraud by encryption, so that third parties can have access to them.

Those information will nevere be seen or stored by the Supplier.

The Supplier shall take adequate safety measures in order to minimize the risks of destruction or loss of data, unauthorized access or treatment that is not in accordance with the purposes of collection set out in our Privacy Policy, which should be referred to each study.

However, the Supplier can not guarantee to its Customer that the measures taken for the security of the site and the trasmission of data and information on the site are able to limit or exclude any risk of unauthorized access or loss of personal data by devices pertaining to the Customer. For this reason, we recommend to customers of the site to make sure their computer is equipped with appropriate software for the protection of network data transmission (such as updated antivirus) and that their Internet service provider take appropriate measures for the security of the transmission of data in the network.

The Supplier shall inform the Customer may exercise the rights provided for in Article 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, set forth below in its essential part.

Customers have the right to require the Supplier the following information:

1) the confirmation of the existence or not of personal data concerning him;

2) the clear communication of data and their origin;

3) the reason and the purpose of their existence and their use.

The request for the above information can be renewed with a minimum interval of 90 days, except in those cases where there is just cause cancellation or modification of the data in case of violation of the law; the deletion of data that are not usable for the purpose for which they were collected.

The attention to the security and confidentiality of Customer data is a priority for the Supplier.

The Supplier shall consider the information relating to the Customer's orders and purchases made ​​by the same strictly confidential and will not spread and shall not disseminate the information in its possession to external parties for promotional purposes.

The information provided by the Customer to the Supplier shall be solely dealt with in order to communicate news special promotions, new product offerings, unless the Customer does not express the desire not to receive messages from the Supplier at the time of registration, or subsequently by sending an -mail at : info@gioiellerialoffredo.com.

13. Enforceability of the law:

All e-commerce services in the electronic catalog of the Supplier acknowledge the enforceability of the law of the Italian State.

Customers who access this website declare that they agree that all matters relating to the use of the site www.gioiellerialoffredo.com are governed by the law in force of the Italian Republic.

The Supplier shall not guarantee, in any way that the content of the site complies with the regulatory requirements in other countries. Access to the site www.gioiellerialoffredo.com from places where their contents are illegal is expressly prohibited.

Customers who choose to access the website from these countries are fully aware of the legal consequences and penalties in which they might incur and will be solely responsible for compliance with local laws.

In accordance with the Articles 1341 and 1342 of the italian Civil Code, the Customer declares to have taken note of and accepted the Conditions of Sale set forth herein and in particular to have accepted those in point 6 (Right of withdrawal), point 7 (Guarantees of products); point 8 (Warranties and licenses granted by the Customer); point 9 (Limitation of liability of the Supplier), point 10 (Termination of contract and termination clause) and paragraph 14 (Place of Jurisdiction).

14. Place of Jurisdiction:

Any dispute relating to the application, implementation, interpretation and breach of contract of sale entered into "on-line" via the website www.gioiellerialoffredo.com is subject to the current legislation and the jurisdiction of the Italian Republic.

These conditions are reported, although not expressly provided herein, in conjunction with the Legislative Decree No. 50 of 15/01/1992 and Decree No. 185 of 22/05/1999.

For any dispute between the Supplier and the Customer relating to this contract shall be the competent Court in the District where is domiciled the Consumer, if it’s located in the territory of the Italian Republic.

For all other Customers, it is agreed that any dispute shall be within the exclusive competence of the Court of Lecce (LE).